Monday, April 13, 2009

Cave's Branch - Repelling 300 feet

The Easter Break has begun and the group was headed to the mainland to do some excursions. Our first stop was at a place called Cave's Branch. It was located right outside of Belmopan (the capital). Cave's Branch was like a camping resort. We were placed into cabanas with no electricity, therefore we used lanterns and had open air as our AC. I personally really enjoyed Cave's Branch. This is my type of thing, we even had outdoor showers and a hammock on the porch. I really enjoyed reading my book while laying in the hammock. I would recommend Cave's Branch to anyone who is travelling through Belize. It is awesome! Absolutely Beautiful!

(Cabana at Cave's Branch)
The next day, Kristen Trotter and I were set up to go repelling. I did not exactly know what I was getting myself into, but it sounded like a good time. At the beginning of the hike up to the black hole (you should google it, because my pictures do not do justice for the beauty... and the drop we did) the guides warned us about the botfly. For those who are unfamiliar of what it is, the botfly is (obviously) a fly that has its larva's carried through mosquitoes. If a mosquitoes lands on someone, it could plant a botlfy larva into your skin. The larva will then begin to eat a person's flesh and grow under the skin. This clearly did not sound appetizing to me, so I made sure to lather (literally lather) my body in bug repellent. Then we began our ascend into the jungle.
The hike to get to the Black Hole was pretty extreme as at times Kristen and myself were on our hands and knees climbing rocks. We finally get to the point to where we can see where we will be dropping but still had to hike to get there. Until I got to the top and strapped in, I did not realize how far down 300 feet was. Although I knew now there was no turning back. As I was repelling, I realized that I was in total control of how fast I wanted to go. The view going down was beautiful. I stopped a couple of times to try and take pictures descending into the Black Hole. FINALLY... I made it to the bottom! I am so happy I decided to take this tour. It was amazing!

Then in order to get ourselves out of the black hole we had to climb a ladder. Climbing a ladder was more scary then repelling into the Black Hole. Overall, it was a great experience!

(repelling into the Black Hole, about 50 feet left to bottom)

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